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Vegetarian Starters

Gumbo Infusion   

A rich spicy vegetable stew. 3.00

Mushrooms Bayou  

Mushrooms coated with a mixture of Cajun spices, corncrumbs and deep fried.  Served with Cajun Mayo. 4.50

Home Fries

Crispy coated Goats cheese, served with red onion marmalade. 5.50

Louisiana Sidewinders

Deep fried spicy potato skins loaded with goats cheese. 4.25

Garlic Bread

Chiabata bread toasted with garlic butter. 2.00

Garlic Bread with cheese

Chiabata bread toasted with garlic butter and cheese. 2.50

Garlic Bread with tomatoes

Chiabata  bread toasted with garlic butter and chopped fresh tomatoes.250

Main Course

Lasagne Vegetable

A delicious Italian pasta dish. Lasagne sheets layered with vegetable ragu and cheese sauce, then baked to perfection.  served with garlic bread and salad garnish. 7.00

Aubergine Bake

Interwoven layers of sliced aubergine, tomato ragu and cheese cooked until golden 7.50

Vegetable  Jambalaya

Long grain rice cooked with mushrooms, fresh vegetables and spicy Creole sauce (tomato based). 7.50

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